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  General Information
  May I order online?
 Yes, There are two systems for you to choose. "Feeser-Link" or "Net-Link" are both explained in the "Value Added Features" section of this web site.
  Do you have a Registered Dietician?
 Yes, for further information contact 1-800-326-2828 Ext 220.
  Do you have nutritional information for your products?
 Detailed information is provided by the manufacturer. Feesers has also provided a direct link to our manufacturers web sites for up-to-date information.
  Product Search
 How do I find all your Kosher products?
 To search for all kosher items, type in the product search (space bar K space bar) and submit. To search for a specific Kashruth---check out the abbreviation list and when you find the Kashruth you are seeking and click on it, all the items stocked will be displayed alphabetically. There are many other searches you will find for kosher products in the abbreviation list.
 How do I find all your vegetarian items?
 To search for all vegetarian items, type in the product search (space bar V space bar) and submit. The search engine will display all the vegetarian items is stock alphabetically. If you wish to search for vegetarian-lacto, vegetarian-lacto-ovo, vegan, pesco, or ovo items, go to the abbreviations list and search till you find the category you are seeking and click on the abbreviation. All the items in stock will be listed alphabetically.
 How do I find all the items stocked by a certain Manufacturer?
 If you choose to search for items by manufacturer, the manufacturer list is alphabetical. When you find the manufacturer you are interested inójust click on their name and all the items stocked will appear in alphabetical order by description.
 Can I search for a product if I know the UPC number?
 If you know the UPC number of the product, highlight the UPC button and type in the UPC number. The product information will appear, if the number you enter is an exact match.
 If I know the Feeser product number, can I find it quickly?
 If you have the Feesers item number and wish to get more information, highlight the Feeser Number search button and type in the number. The product description, pack/size, Manufacturer and label information will appear.
 How can I find certain categories of products quickly?
 Feesers has approximately 300 different categories of products. If you click on the categories button, these categories will be displayed alphabetically. These categories range from Appetizers to Yogurt products. You may find your search easier if you are looking for a list of like items to use. Using the category search, such as French Fries, click on the French fry button and you will have all the French fries we stock, listed alphabetically. The same will be true for the other 300 plus categories.
 Can I find a specific product with out looking at all products in stock?
 Using the product search method, you may get more or less than the quantity of the items we have in stock. If you misspell the item your search may show zero. If you put in just a few of the first letters of the spelling, such as chick for chicken, you will get Easter candy and chick peas. If you use chi instead of chicken you will get 603 items from chips to whip & chill. We suggest you try the varied searches we have conveniently made available to you and use a combination of searches till you feel comfortable with the choices provided to you.
 How can I find all the special dietary products you stock?
 In the product search area, click on the abbreviations button and alphabetically search for "dietary designations-D". Click on the abbreviation "D" and all special dietary products will appear alphabetically.